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Important Message - Students & Their Families Staying With Us Prior to Move-In

We look forward to welcoming you for your upcoming reservation with us! 


As Boston prepares to welcome the “Great Migration” of college students returning for the fall semester, we wanted to send along some very important reminders to all guests — especially students and their families — with reservations for late-August/early-September. Please read the entire message. Thank you!

  • We have two nearly identical properties just four doors apart on a residential street in Boston. Both are three-story walk-up buildings with no elevators/lifts and narrow/winding staircases.


  • While our guest rooms are comfortable and cozy, there is very little room for storage, and no central storage available. Please review your booking confirmation for specifics on the room type you reserved and its estimated square footage, and plan accordingly.


  • If you're a student or family with multiple large and/or heavy suitcases, we are likely not the right property for you - and you may find that a larger area hotel with elevators is much more suitable. 


  • Outside bedding (pillows, mattresses, unpacked comforters, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Sorry, no exceptions. If you're bringing any personal bedding from home for you or your student moving to a dorm or apartment, it must be fully wrapped up in a sealed bag and may not be opened in our properties. Again, no exceptions.


  • We will not be able to accept oversize package deliveries with items ordered online. And in consideration of our housekeeper, we ask you to minimize trash and packaging left behind in rooms from any local back-to-school shopping.


  • Whenever possible, if you'll be shipping items, please have them shipped to the dorm or apartment for arrival after the move-in date. 


  • As always, our on-site parking is limited. In past years, the alley has been frequently blocked by moving vans and other vehicles, and some of our parking spaces have been blocked, or vehicles have illegally parked in them. Parking will be offered at our discretion, and will be very limited on certain dates. Needless to say, it can be a trying time. Therefore, we STRONGLY URGE you to make advance reservations for parking at the Westland Garage at 35 Westland Avenue (it's a 2-minute walk from us. The SpotHero app or website is very useful in making reservations for parking spaces, as well as for finding local garages and lots with spaces. Again, availability of our spaces will be highly limited, and for many dates, spaces will be sold out quickly or reserved by guest with stays of a few days or longer. It happens every year. 


  • For dates that we do offer parking, spaces can be only be requested the day before arrival when you complete a mandatory online registration. If spaces are then available on your arrival date, and if your vehicle will fit into our spaces, a space will be assigned in the order that requests are received, and the morning of your arrival date you will be sent a text message with a parking space assignment and directions to the alley.


Please be reminded that our spaces cannot accommodate moving vans, large SUVs, pickup trucks or extended vehicles. Again, traffic in student neighborhoods all around Boston — including the service alley behind our properties where our parking is located — is likely to be very heavy due to move-ins and move-outs at neighboring apartment buildings, including vehicles double-parked, lines of vehicles waiting to pass, etc. 


For full details about our parking, click Parking - but again, remember, parking may or may not be offered on certain dates, and it's very limited either way. 


Back to School is always an exciting time in Boston, and as always, we’re especially happy to be welcoming students old and new. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to your visit!

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