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Oasis Guest House
22 Edgerly Road, Boston MA 02115

For directions to the parking spaces in Public Alley 903 via Google Maps, click here

Parking Policies and Options at Oasis Guest House

What you need to know:

If you're a guest who may be planning to arrive with a vehicle, you definitely should review the following details:

  • We have a very limited number of assigned parking spaces in a service alley behind our properties

  • We cannot guarantee availability of parking

  • Advanced reservations for parking spaces are not possible

  • Parking spaces are not handicap accessible

  • Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis only (on day of arrival)

    • The day before arrival, all guests are required to complete an online registration, and at that time a parking space may be requested

    • The next morning, on your day of arrival, you will receive a text message with a parking space assignment, or a text message indicating no spaces are available.

  • Parking fees are $25 per day, until 12pm on day of departure (extended parking is an additional fee, but is very limited and based upon availability and to accommodate incoming guests with vehicles)

  • Spaces can accommodate small or medium sized vehicles only

  • No pickup trucks, minivans, large SUV's or extended cab vehicles (they won't fit)

  • Your vehicle must be no larger than:  16 ft x 6 ft  (192 inches x 72 inches)​

    • If you're unsure of your vehicle's dimensions, a quick search on Google will provide you the details. Be sure to search for make, model and year of your vehicle. (For example, "2018 Subaru Outback size").

  • Because spaces are assigned, you must obtain a space assignment from our office before parking your vehicle. 


If you don't request parking during your registration, you may request a space upon check-in - however, all spaces may already be sold out.  You'll also have to drive back around to the alley entrance (or the nearby garage if our spaces are sold out). The drive, while short in distance, may take 10-15 minutes or more due to one-way streets, traffic lights, heavy traffic and numerous pedestrians in the area. 

While we often have spaces available, from time to time they do sell out. This is especially true during Red Sox games, local concerts, student move-in weekends, city events, etc. If our spaces are sold out, if you have a larger vehicle, or if you require sheltered parking, we will direct you to Westland Parking Garage at 35 Westland Avenue. This nearby public garage is at the end of the street (the corner of Edgerly Road and Westland Ave), just a short 2-minute walk from our location. The garage charges $38.00/24-hour period. Lower rates for shorter lengths of time are available. For more details or their full rate schedule, visit their website at Westland Parking Garage.  Please note we are not affiliated with the garage and we do not have any "validation" stickers, and we do not have any special pricing arrangement with any public garages or parking lots. 

We recommend using SpotHero or ParkWhiz apps or their websites where you can find, reserve and pay for parking spaces in local area garages (including Westland Parking Garage) at discounted rates.  See their apps or websites for more details:  SpotHero    ParkWhiz


Please note that we don't have storage facilities for bicycles or other recreational equipment. If you plan to bring bicycles or other equipment to Boston, please make arrangements in advance for storage in a secure location.  

Bike sharing from BlueBikes is available nearby for our guests who would like to enjoy the nearby bicycle paths and sightseeing.  

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