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Thank you for letting us know you'll be arriving after our office and reception desk has closed at 10:00PM - or possibly earlier on some nights. You are receiving this notice because we expect our office will be closed when you arrive. 


You should have received an SMS/text message (or email) indicating an assigned lockbox number.  Your keys will be in the lockbox to the left of the entrance door at the property where your room assignment is located - either 22 Edgerly Road or 14 Edgerly Road. Refer to your text message or email to verify your assigned address and lockbox.  We have two sister properties located four doors apart, and it's important that you look for your lockbox at the correct address number.


1. Enter the code indicated in your text/email by pressing each number once.

2. Slide the middle latch at the top of the box down to open the front cover; your keys will be inside along with a small note.

3. If you make a mistake, there is a re-set button in the middle (or bottom middle) of the box; slide it down and re-enter the code.

4. Don't worry if you don't close the lockbox. We'll close it in the morning. 


The key with the plastic-covered top will open the entrance door. The other key is for your room. You will find a note enclosed with your keys indicating your room number and location.


If you have any trouble opening the lockbox or the door, follow the instructions on the "No Vacancy" sign in the window of the door. We have two properties just four doors apart, and the sign will indicate which property doorbell you can ring for assistance. Please give the overnight staff person a few minutes to answer the door as they may be asleep in their apartment.


For the WiFi access code and other important information, please refer to the sign on the back of your room door. 


Finally, please enter the property and your room quietly, as other guests will be asleep in their rooms. 


Thank you!  We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Accessing Your Assigned Lockbox

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