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Your Reservation at Oasis Guest House - What You Need to Know

All of us at Oasis want your upcoming stay with us to be as enjoyable as possible.  As you may already know, we are not a traditional hotel - we're an independent operator of two well-established bed & breakfast properties located four doors apart on the same street - Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed & Breakfast. The location is absolutely ideal, and that's just one of the top reasons guests love staying with us.  We're in a vibrant neighborhood with lots of permanent residents from all walks of life, along with many students who attend the numerous colleges and universities in the area. 

To help you get the most out of your experience with us, please review the information below.  It includes details about our various types of rooms, which vary based upon the room size, bed size, configuration, and type of bathroom.  It also includes details about amenities, important property policies, terms and conditions, and answers to some of the most common questions that we get. Please take two minutes to read the details below, and contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you!

FIRST THINGS FIRST - WE HAVE SEVERAL TYPES OF ROOMS -- From time to time, a guest will book a room with us and make an assumption that all rooms are the same.  That's not the case, not at all.  We have a total of 31 rooms of varying sizes, types, bed configurations and type of bathroom (private or shared).   Please read all details about our various types of rooms below.


>>>   IMPORTANT - You booked one of our Budget or Basic category rooms that has a shared bathroom (in the hallway). The bathroom is shared by up to 3 rooms per floor. It locks for privacy and security when in use and may be used by just one person at a time. See the room descriptions and information below for more details.

If you wish to verify the type of room you booked, please review your confirmation notice.  If you wish to make a change to the type of room you booked, please contact our office as soon as possible. 

Your room may be assigned in either building and depends upon availability and optimization of our occupancy calendar.  Our check in desk is located at our main reception desk in the Oasis Guest House property.

Most rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of our properties, up one or two flights of stairs.  Please note that we do not have elevators/lifts.  If you require or prefer a property with elevators, please cancel your booking right away - we understand.  Rooms may face the street, or be on the rear side of the property - and room locations cannot be guaranteed.   Some rooms have three windows, some have two, and others have just one.  Our Budget and Basic category rooms have small windows.  No two rooms are exactly alike. Please refer to the Rooms/Gallery page for additional details and sample photos of our various types of rooms, and please make sure you selected the type of room that meets your needs.   


You'll find that our rooms are smaller than traditional hotel rooms.  Our Economy, Standard and Premium category rooms provide ample size for two guests, while our smaller Budget and Basic category rooms are like small bedrooms in a house, and are suitable for just one guest maximum.  

  • Budget Single Room (Shared Bathroom): 60-75 sq. feet (5.6-6.0 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 1 GUEST

  • Basic Single Room (Shared Bathroom): 75-90 sq. feet (5.6-8.3 sq. meters)   MAX. OCCUPANCY - 1 GUEST

  • Budget Double Room (Shared Bathroom): 90-100 sq. feet (8.3-9.2 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY- 2 GUESTS

  • Economy Double Room (Private Bathroom): 135-155 sq. feet (11-13.5 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 2 GUESTS

  • Economy Queen Room (Private Bathroom):  140-160 sq. feet (12-14 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 2 GUESTS

  • Standard Queen Room (Private Bathroom): 160-185 sq. feet (15-17 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 2 GUESTS

  • Standard Twin Room (Private Bathroom): 160-185 sq. feet (15-17 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 2 GUESTS

  • Premium Queen Room (Private Bathroom): 200-205 sq. feet (18-19 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 2 GUESTS

  • Premium Triple Room (Private Bathroom): 210 sq. feet (19 sq. meters)  MAX. OCCUPANCY - 3 GUESTS


Important Notes: 

  • Our Economy, Standard and Premium category rooms have private/ensuite bathrooms

  • Our Budget and Basic category rooms do not have their own bathrooms - they share a bathroom down the hallway with one or two other rooms per floor. The shared bathrooms have locks for privacy and may be used by one person at a time only. Budget and Basic rooms are small rooms, and best suited for individuals who are traveling light for up to a few days, and who don't plan to spend much time in the room and just want a comfortable, economical place to sleep. These rooms are not well suited if you have many bags of luggage. If you are traveling with more than 3 or 4 bags of luggage and have selected one of our Budget or Basic category rooms, please contact us to check availability of one of our larger rooms.  We want you to be happy with a room that is best suited to your needs and preferences.  

  • Our Basic Single Room is single occupancy only.  While it does have one double/full size bed, for a number of important reasons, we only allow one person to occupy the Basic Single room.  Sorry, you may not bring a second person.  If you show up with a second guest for a Basic room, you'll have to pay to upgrade to a larger room (if available), or the second person will be turned away, and the reservation is not refundable at that point. 

BREAKFAST -- A self-serve continental breakfast is available from 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM daily.  Breakfast includes a choice of cereals, breads, bagels, pastries, boiled eggs, yogurt, nuts, jams, condiments, butter, coffee, tea, orange juice, and non-fat milk.  A toaster and microwave are also available.  We're sorry, but we cannot shop for special request items.  A Whole Foods grocery store is located 2 minutes walk from our location if you have special dietary needs.  (Some breakfast items may not be available from time to time).

ROOM FURNISHINGS -- Furnishings of rooms varies by room types, and many, but not all rooms have desks/chairs. 

Our Budget & Basic category rooms do not have desks/tables.  Please refer to the Rooms/Gallery page for photos of rooms.


PARKING -- Parking is available - but it's limited, and not guaranteed.  Advance reservations for parking are not possible. Please review our Parking link for full details. 

ADDITIONAL FEES?  -- Possible additional fees are as follows:

  • Parking - if a parking space is available and assigned to you, the daily rate is $25 per day (until noon on day of departure)

  • Unreturned keys - any unreturned keys upon check out will incur a $100 fee

  • Violation of non-smoking policy - anyone caught smoking anywhere inside the property (including vapes, incense or any other flammable materials, or cigarette butts found in room, will incur a $250 surcharge per day

  • Damages to room - any room, furnishings, etc that are damaged due to obvious neglect or recklessness will incur charges equivalent to replacement value (for new replacement) and/or any labor charges to replace/repair/install

COVID-19 POLICIES -- Please refer to our policies and current Boston mandates for masks here:  COVID

OFFICE & RECEPTION DESK HOURS -- The office opens daily at 7:30 AM (07:30 hours). Due to COVID and our changing needs for staff scheduling, the office and reception desk will close at 10:00 PM (22:00 hours) until further notice. On days when all guests have been checked in, the desk may close as early as 9:00 PM (21:00 hours). A staff person is available to assist with urgent/emergency needs only after the office closes each night. 


CHECK IN -- 2:00 PM (14:00 hours).   Arrivals before 2:00 PM may store luggage until the room is ready.  

Arrivals after our reception desk closes are no problem - but they must be arranged in advance.  


CHECK OUT -- 11:00 AM (11:00 hours). Luggage can be stored on day of departure until 09:00 PM (21:00 hours).


MINIMUM AGE FOR CHECK IN -- The primary guest in your party must be at least 18 years of age or older with a valid photo ID and credit/debit card in the primary guest's name.


MAXIMUM ROOM OCCUPANCY -- All rooms have a maximum occupancy. Single rooms may be occupied by one person only. Double and Queen rooms by two people only. There is one triple room for three people only. If you arrive with more guests than the maximum occupancy of the room, the additional guests will not be allowed to stay with you. Sorry, no exceptions.

CHILDREN -- Children under 6 years of age may not stay in Budget or Basic category rooms that have a shared bathroom.   Children may share a bed with parents, but the room type must be an Economy, Standard or Premium Category room with a private bathroom. Children over 6 must have their own bed.

HOUSEKEEPING -- Due to COVID-19, our housekeeping services have been adjusted.  At present, our housekeeping is limited to cleaning and preparing rooms after guests have checked out.  We will generally not enter rooms for guest stays that are four days or less.  In-stay housekeeping is only done for guests who have a stay of five days or longer - in which case we will do a full room cleaning on the 3rd day (we will contact guests to coordinate a convenient time).  However, all guests may request trash removal, fresh towels, or additional soap or shampoo as needed.  

SMOKING -- Smoking/Vaping is strictly prohibited inside the property at all times.  Guest may smoke outside (at least 20 feet away from the entrance door), or on the back decks at the end of each hallway.  Decks are available 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM only. $250 room surcharge if found smoking or vaping inside the property. 

COTS, ROLLAWAY BEDS, CRIBS, OUTSIDE BEDDING -- Not Available, Not Allowed.  Also, you may not bring extra people to stay in your room in a sleeping bag, or otherwise.  Sorry, no exceptions.

PERSONAL BEDDING -- We're sorry, but you may NOT bring your own personal bedding with you.  This policy is very strictly enforced.  Don't worry, we provide 2 pillows for every guests (one softer, one firmer), as well as extra blankets in every room.  

HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING  -- Our properties have central heating and air conditioning. Temperatures are set to be at 70 degrees, +/- one degree at various times as the system manages the temperature.  Guest rooms do not have individual thermostats to control the temperature. Guests who wish to have some control over temperature may open their room windows or close room air vents, or use portable fans or space heaters which are available in most rooms or upon request. (Space heaters are available during winter months only).  On occasion, we've been asked to turn the thermostat much warmer, to 75 degrees or more; We've even been asked to turn off the system altogether. We're very sorry, but we won't do that. If you or anyone in your party is especially temperature sensitive, we are not the right property for you.  


OUTDOOR DECKS -- Outdoor decks with chairs and small tables are available at the rear of the 2nd and 3rd floor of each property. Decks may be used between 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM only.  Please keep noise to a respectable level as a courtesy for guests who have rooms facing the rear side of the properties.

LUGGAGE ASSISTANCE UPSTAIRS -- Our 3-story properties do not have elevators / lifts. We are available to assist with luggage up the stairs during our office hours (only). NOTE: For the protection of our staff and to avoid injury, we can't/won't help you with excessively heavy luggage - your bags must be less than airport approved weight of 70 lbs (32 kg).  If you're traveling with excessively heavy luggage, we're not a good fit for you, and we recommend that you book at another property with an elevator/lift.


Pro Tips:   Pack less! Your trip will be far more enjoyable when you travel with minimal luggage. Also, use two smaller pieces of luggage instead of a single, large packed suitcase. We've been in this business for almost 40 years - and we've noticed over and over again that guests who aren't burdened by all kinds of luggage seem to be the happiest.  

Need help packing less:  Minimalist Packing or Ms. Travel Solo


LUGGAGE STORAGE ON DAY OF ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE -- If you arrive before 2:00 PM on your day of arrival, you may leave your luggage with us until your room is ready. Similarly, on your day of departure, you may leave your luggage until 7:00 PM.


TV -- Our rooms are all equipped with a flat screen TV and satellite TV service, along with digital broadcast regional stations.


WI-FI -- Free Wi-Fi throughout the properties.  We have 1 GB per second Wi-Fi services, which are shared amongst guests. Speeds vary at times and cannot be guaranteed.  We do not have in-room wired internet.  A guest computer & printer is also available for free internet access and printing (up to 5 pages) from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (08:00 - 22:00 hours).  We do not have in-room wired internet connections.


TELEPHONE CALLS -- You may make local or toll-free calls from your room. Long distance calls from guest rooms not allowed. To make long distance calls, please use your mobile phone or purchase a 3rd party calling card.


TOILETRIES & HAIR DRYERS -- We provide towels, soap and conditioning shampoo, as well as hair dryers in all bathrooms, including shared bathrooms. We do not provide toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturizers or other personal items.


You may NOT dye hair on premises at any time. Sorry, no exceptions - It truly takes a long time to clean...and it ruins sheets, towels, showers, and tile work.  So please don't do it.  ($250 fine for dye found on sheets, towels, bathroom or showers).


REFRIGERATORS, MINI-BARS, ICE -- Our rooms do not have individual refrigerators or mini-bars. There is a half-size, shared guest refrigerator in the lobby of both properties.  There is also a smaller bin of ice. Sorry, we do not have a full ice machine, and we do not have ice to fill coolers.  If you need a lot of ice, there is a CVS just 2 minutes from our location that sells bags of ice for coolers. 

VENDING & BOTTLED WATER -- We do not have any vending machines, and we do not supply bottled water.  Tap water in Boston is very clean and safe to drink, and we're doing our part to help reduce the insane amounts of plastic bottle waste.  Guests who would like to purchase snacks or other items will find a CVS, Whole Foods, and 7-Eleven all within a 2 minute walk from us.  

BICYCLE STORAGE (Not Available) -- We do not have storage facilities for bicycles, and you may not bring bicycles (standard, folding or otherwise) into the properties. We also cannot be responsible for any bicycles stored in the parking spaces located in the alley behind our properties.


If you are interested in using bicycles in Boston, there is BlueBikes bike sharing (hourly rental) facility just a 3 minute walk from our location. BlueBikes has over 3,000 bikes and 325 bike stations throughout the area.  


FITNESS CENTER (Not Available) -- We don't have a fitness center - sorry about that. But there are a number of very reputable fitness/gyms located within walking distance - the two closest are:  YMCA on Huntington Ave;  and Boston Sports Club (Prudential).

PETS (Not Allowed) -- Pets are not allowed in our properties.


NOISE, ROOM PARTIES, and PRACTICING OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS -- As a courtesy to other guests, all guests are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Boomboxes or loud MP3 players are not allowed. TV volume must be kept at a reasonable volume. Room parties not allowed at any time.


For guests auditioning to local music schools, practicing musical instruments is allowed for up to one hour per day only, between the hours of 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. No amplifiers allowed any time. If you are auditioning for a local school and need more time to practice, please contact the school to arrange for a practice room.


WINDOW TREATMENTS -- Our room windows are equipped with blinds, but not curtains or black-out curtains. (At this time, we have no plans to install curtains in the rooms). If window blinds are not sufficient for you, or if you require black-out curtains and complete darkness in your room, we recommend making a booking at a property that will meet your needs.


GUEST KITCHEN AREA (Cooking Not Available) -- There is a shared guest kitchen area with a counter-height, shared guest refrigerator and microwave on the lobby level of each property, available from 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM.  (Since we have a few ground room floors, and to prevent noise during quieter hours, the kitchen is not available outside of those hours).

GUEST COMPUTER -- We have a guest computer and printer available in our Oasis property for guests to use for accessing email, printing boarding passes, short documents, etc.  The computer is available from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily.   


EARLY DEPARTURE -- No refunds for early departures.

COVID CANCELLATIONS -- While we sympathize with guests whose travel plans may be impacted by a COVID diagnosis, we are unable to approve refunds or waive fees for reservations canceled after payment is taken, within five days of arrival.  We do not require deposits or credit card holds, and our cancellation policy is very generous, but as a small, independent business, we are unable to absorb the costs of last-minute cancellations.  We STRONGLY advise all travelers to purchase travel insurance to cover any potential losses due to illness or other last-minute circumstances.

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