Four Back Bay Brownstones

Sister Accommodations in Boston’s Most Desirable Location

Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast are neighboring three-story brownstones.


Your proprietor, Joe Haley, is a former financial analyst who entered the hospitality business in 1982 when he acquired the property and transformed it into an Oasis. In 2001 Joe and his partner Eric Tingdahl purchased two additional brownstones and the the Adams Bed and Breakfast was established.

Both the Oasis and Adams properties were built in the 1880's as middle-class homes - with one family living in each brownstone.Today, the Oasis and Adams have identical floor plans.

Check-in for both properties takes place at the Oasis. Guests of either property are free to use the common areas of the other, only two doors away! 

Credit:  Leise Jones Photography

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