Directions to Parking Spaces at Oasis Guest House - Located in Public Alley 903

Reminder:  Our parking spaces can accommodate small or medium sized vehicles only.  The alley is only one car-width wide, and the parking spaces are narrow and tight, so please be very careful when parking.


The city recently installed signs at the entrances to the alley.  Please follow the directions below carefully. The best entrance to the alley is from Edgerly Road (instead of the Haviland St entrance). We've included a photo of the alley entrance from Edgerly Road at the end of this message. Please note that the sign for the alley entrance from Edgerly Road is on the left side of the street, but the alley entrance is across from the sign on the right side. 


Finally, please be sure you are navigating to Edgerly Road (not Edgerly Place).  Unfortunately, Boston named two streets very similarly...please be sure to head towards Edgerly Road.

Thank you.

All of our parking spaces are located in Public Alley 903 behind our properties. Please use the link below for directions to find the alley where you'll find your assigned space indicated above.  


Click here for:  Directions to Public Alley 903 via Google Maps


At the end of this message we've included a map that shows our end of Edgerly Road along with the entrance to Public Alley 903.  


When you first turn onto Edgerly Road, it's a wide 2-way street...but we're at the other end of the street where it becomes a more narrow 1-way street.  That's the point where you'll find the entrance to the alley, where you'll be turning right and looking for your assigned parking space.  Again, see the map below, or use GPS if you have one.


Once you turn into the alley, it curves behind a set of connected row-houses. All of our assigned spaces can be found on the left side of the alley, and are designated with either a number or letter. Our numbered spaces about half-way down the alley, and the lettered ones are the last four spaces. 


Please note - you must park only in the assigned space to avoid having your car towed. Please be sure to park carefully so that your vehicle isn't sticking out into the alley or in any way blocking passage or other spaces.  


If you find that your vehicle won't fit, you'll need to park instead in Westland Parking Garage, which is at the other end of Edgerly Road where you first turned onto Edgerly (above the Whole Foods). Their website is Westland Parking Garage and they are at 35 Westland Avenue.


Unfortunately, we do not have a rear entrance to our properties, so once you've parked, please walk either direction in the alley back to the street side and to our office at 22 Edgerly Road to register and check in. 


If any problems, please call us at 617-267-2262. Thank you.  



Heading Northbound on Massachusetts Ave (from the corner of Massachusetts Ave & Westland Ave), follow these steps:

• Head West on Westland Ave towards Edgerly Road (249 ft)

• Turn Right on Edgerly Road (0.1 mi)

• Turn Right onto Public Alley 903 (344 ft) (alley entrance is across from Norway street)

• Look for your assigned parking space (our spaces are either numbered or lettered (4, 3, 2, 1, E, F, G, H) - numbers or letters are painted on the ground at the entrance of each spot.

Alley - Image of Map.jpg
Entrance to Public Alley 903.jpg