Oasis Guest House
22 Edgerly Road, Boston MA 02115

For directions to the parking spaces in Public Alley 903 via Google Maps, click here

Getting Around Boston - Is a Car Needed?

We often get asked if a car is needed to get around the city.  Unless you're planning to travel to neighborhoods outside of the city, a car isn't needed.  In fact, having a car (or any vehicle) is often more troublesome (and costly) than not, especially if you'll be spending your time within the city.  Parking in Boston can often be a hassle, and most street parking is reserved for residents of each neighborhood (a resident parking sticker is required).  There are some metered spaces available, but they're often full, and finding an available space can take time - and must be paid with quarters, or credit cards in some cases, or an app on a smartphone.  As for traffic - well, it can also get congested at busy times of the day, as you might expect.  

The truth is, it's often faster and far more enjoyable to simply walk where you're going, or take a short subway ride, taxi, or ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft.   


That said, if you're planning to arrive with a vehicle, please refer to our parking policies and other options below.


Parking Policies and Options

What you need to know:

  • A limited number of spaces are available in a service alley behind our properties

  • Advance reservations for parking spaces are not possible

  • Spaces are available first come, first served only - you should call ahead the morning of your arrival date to inquire about availability. 

  • Small or medium sized vehicles only. Sorry, no pickup trucks, minivans, large SUV's or extended cab vehicles - they simply won't fit.  Vehicles must be no larger than the following dimensions:

* Length:   16 ft  (192 inches)

* Width:    6 ft (72 inches)

If you're unsure of the dimensions of your vehicle, a quick search on Google will provide you the details.    

Parking Rate:  $18.00 per night   

(from arrival time until 12:00 PM on day of check out;  extended parking until 6:00 PM available for an additional charge)


From time to time all spaces may be sold out. In that case, or if you have a larger vehicle, or if you require sheltered parking, we will direct you to Westland Parking Garage at 35 Westland Avenue. This nearby public garage is at the end of the street (the corner of Edgerly Road and Westland Ave), just a short 2-minute walk from our location.  The garage charges about $38.00 per 24-hour period.  Other rates for shorter times are available - refer to their website. There are also other public garages in the area. Unfortunately, there is no free parking in the area.  


Please note that we don't have storage facilities for bicycles or other recreational equipment. If you plan to bring bicycles or other equipment to Boston, please make arrangements in advance for storage in a secure location.  

Bike sharing from BlueBikes is available nearby for our guests who would like to enjoy the nearby bicycle paths and sightseeing.