Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Oasis and Adams

Affordable Accommodations in Boston’s Back Bay


Why should you consider Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast when visiting Boston?

Here are 10 good reasons:

1. Boston's Best Location 


Start with the old adage: "Location, location, location." Now add another seven "locations" to the list. Because that could easily make up our entire Top 10.


Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast are in the Back Bay—and there simply is no better place to stay in Boston. 

2. Boston's Best Value


Could you spend more? You bet. Do you need to? No way. Stay at a nearby big-brand hotel and you'll likely spend at least another $100 per night. Besides, it won't really feel like you're in Boston—you'll just be in a hotel (granted, a very nice one).


At Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast, you get an affordable way to stay in the best part of town. 

3. Walk Everywhere


One of the things visitors like best about Boston is that it's such a walkable city. That's especially true when you stay at Oasis or Adams in the Back Bay.


Between short strolls and subway rides, you can get here, there … pretty much everywhere. No car needed. 

4. Easy Parking


Want to bring a car anyway? No problem. We have 11 parking spots behind our brownstones. The cost? Just $25 a night. Stay at a hotel and you'll probably pay twice as much.


Since most guests arrive via mass transit, we almost always have convenient, affordable parking available for anyone who wants it. 

5. Free Breakfast


You'll get a complimentary breakfast each morning. Expanded continental, actually—plenty enough to get you going. Coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit, hot and cold cereals, hard-boiled eggs, bagels, pastries, croissants ...


Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast just became an even better value. Enjoy!

6. The Right Kind of Rooms


Want five stars? That’s not us. Our rooms are quite comfortable and rather quaint, but they don’t try to be swanky.


Maybe we're not everybody's cup of tea. But unless you expect to stay in your room the entire time you're in Boston, we're probably everything you need. 

7. More Than A Room


At Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed and Breakfast, you're not just renting a room, you're sharing a brownstone. You'll have complete access to the living areas and decks—there’s one off each floor of each property.


Be as private or as social as you want. You’ll feel at home here. 

Hynes Convention Center - 5 Minutes' Walk

8. Cool Clientele


Who stays at Oasis and Adams? We mostly get business travelers, tourists and couples, many of whom have stayed with us before. We're also quite popular with visiting instructors at the Berklee College of Music, The Boston Conservatory, Northeastern University and the New England Conservatory of Music, all just a short walk away.


The parents of students, too. It's not unusual for us to meet parents at orientation and bid them farewell at graduation!

9. Modern Amenities


At Oasis and Adams, living in history doesn't mean skimping on amenities. You’ll get free WiFi, satellite TV, and complimentary use of a computer and printer in the Oasis living room.


Free breakfast, central air conditioning, affordable parking, and daily maid service, too. 

10. Boston's Best Location


Yes, we mentioned it up top, but it bears repeating. Newbury Street and Fenway Park. Hynes Convention Center and Symphony Hall. Berklee College and Prudential Center. All just steps away. When you stay at Oasis Guest House or Adams Bed and Breakfast, you'll see why Boston is called "America's Walking City".

Credit: Leise Jones Photography

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